Post op day three…..

I did it!!! I made it to the losers bench. I wasn’t as nearly scared as i thought i would be. I did have brief change of heart were i wanted to get dressed and leave. But the staff and nurses were so sweet and awesome. They helped put me to ease. The surgery went fairly easy and textbook perfect. Doesn’t get better than that!

Days one and two where a blur. I slept mostly. The pain wasn’t the worse ever, mostly soreness. The best description i can give is doing 1000 sit ups and having the whole torso feel the wrath. Not doing so hot on fluids. But, that’s getting better day by day. Hardly anything day one. Day 2 maybe 10 Oz and day three darn near 30 oz. The weirdest part of this journey so far,is seeing food, smelling, it  and not having one emotion about it. Its like im a robot and the thing ive loved all my life no longer means anything to me. Not having an appetite, and just drinking  to keep hydrated, is so far from my foodie beginnings. I am a fan of all things food- this. This seems surreal.


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