A Letter to me…

Dear Future me. Hey girl! Its me….you? You have just made a major life decision by having vsg surgery. And unlike most things, you didn’t change your mind once you made this decision. You were brave and surefooted as you stepped into that hospital. You are not ashamed to share your choice with those who care to ask. For once, you feel that this is the best thing you could have done for yourself.

So,these are the things ; dear future me, I want to see accomplished and improved by December 2017. fountain-pen-1854169_1280

  1. Confidence. 2016 me doesn’t have much. I hope you have used this time to grow and nurture yourself.
  2. Self worth. This seems to be in short supply here in 2016 as well. But i know its in there, right?
  3. Self love. I do love you. I really do!  I want you to be healthy and happy. Take this gift I’m giving you and rock 2017!
  4. Lose all the weight you can AANNNDDD………
  5. …….then get out there and live life!!!!. You have held yourself back from doing all the  things you wanted to try. (Can i fit? Will they look at me? Im scared ill be too big)-ALL BECAUSE OF WEIGHT. You want to do something?, try something?, go somewhere???    DO IT!!!!!!     LIFE IS SHORT MI AMIGA!

I hope you used this year to rock it out! I hope you look back on this and shake your head on how you used to be.  And be amazed how far you have come.

love, me

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