Happy Birthday, Happy New Year!

Soooo. Hey! Hows it going? Settling into 2017? I am! Im officially 40 -whoooo!best-happy-new-year-pictures

Getting this party started with a ……stall! If you didn’t know I had VSG- Vertical Sleeve gastrectomy  on Dec 8, 2016. Weight loss was happening , things moving right along, until-December 17. @ 2 weeks post op. THINGS .CAME. TO. A .HALT. I was okay,(at first)  I mean these things happen right?  (Couple of days pass) Is my scale broken? (Couple more days) Come on! I’m exercising! (Even more days…ugh) Below is my response.


I KNOW that this surgery isn’t magic. Why then  am I acting like a nincompoop and freaking out? Old habits die hard.Plus I live in America, in 2017. I want it to happen now! Right now! No waiting!  But…. it  Doesn’t happen that way does it?  I continued to eat right, try my darndest to get water in and work out.

Ta Dah! One million days  later( okay, it was yesterday -I’m exaggerating again) the scale moved! Down 43 lbs total  from my highest weight! Yay!! So lets go-(with patience )into the new year! (someone also found how to use the meme generator lol). Til next time!























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