Fifty pounds gone!


Hey peeps! Check out my good news! You can feel my chair dance from there can’t ya!? I realized at this moment that I haven’t done the obligatory stats. I haven’t shared this with only two people in the world, so this is a big deal – feel all the love, ok?  Ok.

I started with my highest weight of 415.  From what I remember that would have been around July 2016. I lost 12lbs on the preop diet for the vsg, with a surgery weight of 403.2 on December 8, 2016. I have hovered around the 400 mark for the last 3-4 years before now. I went on a diet  in 2014 that dropped like 40lbs when I first realized how much I weighed.  That was short-lived because here I am. I fe;;l off the wagon and stopped exercising and my health went down as the pounds piled back on. Add More blood pressure medication and the fact that i stopped teetering with diabetes and became an official diabetic. I SIMPLY CANNOT.  I cant do it. I refuse to fall down that path I’ve  seen many a family member go. Amputations, heart surgery, dialysis …..

So here I am. Busting it at the gym. Weighing my food and making better choices.

Today i weigh 362.2 and  I still have a long, long way to go but I’m excited for my progress so far!






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