Carrying on….

When you are new to weight loss, people are interested. They wanna know how you are doing, are you exercising and how much weight you have lost. The thing is,  I’m not used to being topic of conversation and talking about me makes me uncomfortable to say the least. So when a close family member asked the popular “how much have you lost”- i paused to answer i couldn’t remember where i was last time when she asked and she blurted out “YOU HAVENT STARTED EATING AGAIN HAVE YOU?”



I was shocked, annoyed, and  then sad. I mean, you do know i have to still eat to live right? That this isn’t a magical thing that was just going to occur. That whether i make a bad choice doesn’t undo all my months of hard work or make me a bad person.


But I have been changing……

I’m so stressed out right now, its insane! But instead of stress eating – my normal go -to I’m doing this. This online journal thing is one of my new ways to release  stress and to cope better.  Another? exercise! never thought i would say that. But it’s becoming a good  go to! This wasn’t just a surgery for me to fit into smaller clothes… this is for my frickin life to change for the better and to be healthy and to live fuller!

It takes a super conscious effort to change your mind and habits. This has been the hardest thing to do.  What I cant do, and what I’m not worrying about is everybody and their feelings about MY body.

Anyhoo.. rant over. Thanks for letting me vent. Im carrying on and being awesome. You do the same!

Til next time!



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