Three months post op…..

It really feels like its more than three months. December seems eons ago! I am getting used to my new normal – it’s so much easier to get the fluids in and I’m keeping up well with the protein.

I’m also letting my old ways sneak in…..

I have a surgery buddy who i met on Facebook. We chat from time to time about the wonders and whoas of WLS. I was telling her how i could eat more now and i was worried. She responded that she was still getting in the same amount. Hmmm. Whats the difference? I wondered. Then i really started to pay attention to what i was doing.



I am not listening to my body at all. I’m eating when the clock says to, not because I’m hungry. I’m eating because I’m out with friends and they are enjoying themselves and I want to too. So I nibble a little more.  I graze  when I see a favorite or when I’m bored….

Yikes! That’s  what got us here!!!!


Now I’m more aware of my eating and paying attention to what I am doing. This is more a mental game than anything and although the sleeve helps, I’m accountable for what I’m doing and whats going in.

I’m scared this is happening so soon, but im also thankful for catching myself before  I undo all ive done. Til next time…….the battle continues…….












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