Don’t let me get me……

Ive been so in my head lately.  I can see myself but then again i don’t.


Yeah me too….

People are telling me I “look great”and that”i’m really coming down”.  I even got a “you look a hundred times better-( insert side eye)”. But I  JUST DONT SEE IT. I feel more critical of myself now than when i was over 400 lbs. Or maybe I didn’t see myself as big as i was and this is a wake up call.

I dunno. I just don’t feel I’m doing well at all.  I look at myself and I just see what’s wrong. Lumpy hips and tummy. The enviable arm flab. Ugh.

I know you aren’t supposed to compare but I look at others on this journey and they look  awesome! And i don’t.

I know this isn’t constructive. I know all of the things you are supposed to say to someone when they are dragging themselves through the mud- but here i am,  Dragging away. And i cant seem to stop this  particular tune from playing in my head…..

One thought on “Don’t let me get me……

  1. In steps the BFF with a few pointers…1. Try “Scars to Your Beautiful” instead of the tune that’s playing in your head. 2. Use my mirror! I see that same beautiful person you’ve ALWAYS been. One who’s courageous enough to take such a big step to be a better you & brave enough to be transparent when the journey gets a bit rocky. 3. Remember that the only person in this “competition” is you. As long as you keep pushing, you always WIN! Oh & one last thing…#KF let’s do this 😘


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