Six months down and a lifetime to go…

I just had my 6 month anniversary of my vsg! It doesn’t seem that long and seems like a lifetime all in one. Although my weight loss is slowing down, I did manage to lose 100 of them suckas during that time!!!


Now as I look to the next six months, I hope to continue to lose 10 pounds a month. That would get me to my doctors goal and closer to my goal for the year. Currently I’m in a soul crushing stall, but unlike before, I’m trying to keep my cool and stick to the diet. I can’t lie, my exercise has decreased tremendously- no excuses most of the time- its just being lazy and not making the time. This is contributing to the stall, so i have to get back on it. Currently Im doing the couch to 5K app and it would be so awesome to accomplish such a thing. ME not only doing a 5K but running in one? What????? TO be continued….


One thing I know for sure is that I’m gonna mess up sometimes. Im going to slack sometimes, and be a beast sometimes. Im learning the lifestyle changes it will take to make this my new self. Its a hard battle to put that old girl I used to be down and pack her away. She will forever be with me, I’m afraid. She’s had a good run but its this gals turn now!

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